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Hello and welcome to Alive Enough, a site for all virtual and artificial petz! While primarily focused on the P.F. Magic Petz series of games for now, I hope to soon add content about all different sorts of virtual pets, including other virtual pet games like Nintendogs and Wobbledogs, robotic pets such as Aibo and Furby, and web based pets such as Neopets.

I hope you'll enjoy your time here and maybe learn something too.

-- skissors

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Pet of the Update
Fiver from Croag
2023/04/03: Back from my short hiatus. Long story short, I love this game and this community, but I don't have the free time I did before, and as I've learned trying to keep up with everything leads to burnout haha. Going forward, I'm still going try to work on Petz stuff, just in a slower more balanced way. All adoptions should be sent out (sorry it took so long), but some may have slipped through the cracks so if you requested something and I haven't emailed you, please request again. As for actual site updates, I've polished up and published a short website making guide that I started before my hiatus. It's got lots of info and links to places to find cool website making stuff, so I hope you check it out. I'm also participating in the Great Egg Hunt this year, so you can find more about that on the find it page.
2022/12/14: Added 2 litters and 1 pet to the mascot club page. Also, go check out my brand new petz crew site, Checkerboard
2022/12/04: It's been a while, hasn't it? Life has been busy, but I've been trying to squeeze in work on Alive Enough and the Petz EZLoader when I can. This update is more of an incremental one, as I've made a bunch of little tweaks across all the pages (as well as taking down the Halloween theme). The biggest changes are the addition of a new "Internet Stuff" page to collect all my random internet bits and bobs as well as a new "Cliques" page with 3 new cliques to join, so go check them out!
2022/10/14: Added a new petz mod tool for download, the Petz EZLoader! Also added 1 pet to the mascot page.
2022/10/04: Due to the great response, I've added even more prizes to the find-it page! If you haven't found all the kittens yet, be sure to check it out
2022/10/03: Halloween has arrived here at Alive Enough! Enjoy our new Halloween layout and soak up the spooky vibes while they last. Also head on over to the new Find-It page to check out the limited-time-only Halloween find-it event!
2022/09/24: Added a few new widgets to the front page. Also added 1 pet to the mascot page, 2 articles, and 1 new litter!
2022/09/18: Added a crew page, with (most of) my bred petz listed. Go check it out! Also added 2 petz to the mascot club page, fixed the hit counter and alphabetically sorted the links and article pages
2022/09/08: Alive Enough is officially open! There are 4 litterz to adopt, along with a few other fun things to do.
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